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About FitSprint Weight Vest

If you're looking for the best lightweight weight vest on the market, then we have the product for you. Made of Spandex and Breathoprene, the FitSprint Weight Vest was designed with both form and function in mind. It's comfortable, low profile fit allows it to be worn virtually undetectable under a shirt, yet it's fashionable enough to be worn over a sports bra or form-fitting t-shirt.

Besides looking good, you'll get a great workout and see results fast. The FitSprint Weight Vest will accommodate 0.5 lbs. up to 20 lbs. with complete flexibility in weight placement. This gives you complete control as you isolate specific muscles or body parts you want to tone, work or address.


  • Form-fitting, low profile design.
  • Made of Spandex and Breathoprene for maximum comfort and coolness
  • Zip front design allows for putting on/taking off quickly
  • Weight capacity ranges from 0.5 to 20 lbs. with compete flexibility on weight placement
  • Weights are slightly smaller (but thicker) than a credit card
  • Bottom hem elastic band eliminates bouncing and shifting during exercise
  • Scientifically designed so all weights can sit above the chest/upper back to provide maximum core strength and minimum chance of injury
  • Pre-loaded with either 4 lbs. or 10 lbs. of weight


Vest Size Women Youth
XS Band 28 A/B Chest: 25.5"-26"
S Band 30-34 A/B Chest: 26"-27"
M Band 34-36 B/C Chest: 27"-29.5"
L Band 34D, 36-38 C Chest: 29.5-32"
XL Band 38-42 C/D Chest: 32"-35"
Weight Option
$99.99 $135.00

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