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Which Youth Weight Vest Should I Choose?

Resistance Vest for Youth Sports Training

Youth sports are more competitive than ever before. City rec. athletes are a thing of the past, giving way to a culture of travel teams and premier clubs. Young athletes can get that needed competitive advantage training for their sport of choice in a weight vest.

With many parents fearing injury or stunted growth from lifting free weights at too young an age, allowing their child to train and exercise in a weight vest is a safe and effective way to get that spot on the team, starting position or full-ride scholarship. Check out the weight vest option that may be the right choice for your child or young athlete.


Youth's Weight Vest FitSprint

If your child or young athlete is relatively small or underdeveloped, on the young end of the scale (9-13) or you just want to keep the load light, you may want to consider the FitSprint vest. Made of Spandex and Breathoprene, the FitSprint holds from .5 lbs. up to 20 lbs. Its form-fitting, low profile, zip front design allows for the weight vest to be worn virtually undetectable under sweatshirts, jerseys and uniforms.

For most small or young athletes, a vest loaded with 5-10 lbs. will generate great results in the form of increased strength, body control, balance and coordination. If you think this may be the right vest for your child or young athlete, you should probably order between XS, S, or M.

LiftMax 40

Weight Vest for Children

If your child or young athlete is a bit older (14+), more physically developed or able to handle (or grow into) more weight, the LiftMax 40 may be the right weight vest for him or her. Constructed from rugged materials, the LiftMax 40 weight vest is designed for both cardio and anaerobic strength workouts.

In most young athletes, they'll probably see great results working out with only 10-20 lbs. of weight in the vest. However, the vest is flexible enough to accommodate from 2.5 lbs. up to 40 lbs. Additionally, the vest is easily adjustable to fit most sizes and comes with built in D-rings for attaching straps for additional resistance, support or spotting. This vest will make any young athlete bigger, faster and stronger.

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