Yoga & Pilates in a Weight Vest

Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Yoga & Pilates Program

Yoga & Pilates Using a Weighted Vest

From reducing stress to increasing flexibility to toning muscle to becoming more mentally focused, yoga has proven to be the universal practice to get you healthy on so many different facets. Both yoga and Pilates focus on conditioning the body while striving for perfect alignment of the spine and pelvis. When practiced regularly, yoga and Pilates will help you develop a strong core while improving your coordination and balance.

Resistance Vests & Yoga Training

Although yoga and Pilates have proven to be a great exercise practice to build strength and tone muscles, the industry still debates its effectiveness as a means to weight loss. Some argue that yoga does not raise the heart rate enough to burn the calories needed for losing weight. Additionally, they purport that yoga and Pilates should be supplemented with additional aerobic exercises that raise the heart rate to effectively drive weight loss. But we say anyone who's ever tried Vinyasa yoga will beg to differ.

Resistance Vest & Pilates

No matter if its getting stronger, toning muscle or losing weight our weight vest for yoga and Pilates will help you achieve your goal…faster. Resistance Wear weighted training vests are designed for both men and women, beginners and pros looking to get the most out of their yoga or Pilates sessions. Since yoga and Pilates focus more on toning and body weight for strength development, our weight vests are ideal since weights can be removed or added, as well as positioned throughout the vest in different positions to work different muscles. Additionally, scientific research has proven that our weighted training vests have driven a 60% increase in calories burned when compared to the same activity without the vest on. So if you want to see better and faster results from your routine yoga or Pilates class, then add our vest to your routine.

Yoga - Weight Vest by Resistance Wear

For those of you who've never tried yoga or Pilates before and thought of it merely as a set of leisurely stretches, talk to someone who's tried it. Or better yet, try it yourself. Vinyasa provides a more demanding, athletic and fast-paced style of yoga. Some great vinyasa yoga styles to try in a weighted vest include Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga and Bikram. If you can make it through any one of these classes in our vest you will see results.

Additional Benefits of Doing Yoga & Pilates in a Resistance Wear Weight Vest include:

  • Greater efficiency of functional movement.
  • Flexible weight placement allows for tweaking workouts and toning different muscles. Slight changes of weights in the vest work different muscles and drive big results
  • Better balance and stability due to a strengthening of your center of gravity.
  • Muscle confusion. Keep doing your normal routine and super-charge it with the vest. The physics of any exercise change when you add weight.
  • A safe, but effective training approach. The Resistance Wear vest allows you to continue to perform your functional body movement. No injuries during training!

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