Weighted Training Vests for Youth Teams

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Weight Vests for Youth Sports

Youth sports aren't what they used to be. The days of city rec baseball are all but gone. Today its about preparing for the next level or playing for the scholarship. Its about Travel Baseball, Olympic Developmental Soccer and Club Hockey. Parents are spending significant money for their kids to participate on these teams and expect a return on that investment. The challenge: athletes too young and underdeveloped to hit the weights.

The solution: practicing in a weighted training vest.

As a coach, incorporating a weight vest into your team's workouts will definitely help with strength, speed, explosiveness and balance without hampering growth, physical development or the possibility of injury. And since the principles of a Resistance Wear weight vest are founded in mastering functional movement while developing total body strength from the core out to the rest of the body, you don't necessarily have to create new drills, exercises or workouts for your team… just run your normal practices and incorporate the vest where appropriate. You'll see results and see them pretty quickly.

Incorporating a weight vest into your team's workouts will help with strength, speed, explosiveness and balance.

In addition, training your athletes in a youth weight vest will condition them better, allowing them to sustain a higher level of performance as the season draws on.

And here are just a few of the youth organizations training in a Resistance Wear weight Vest:

  • Olympic Developmental Soccer
  • Youth Premier Club Soccer
  • Youth Travel Baseball
  • Youth Hockey Club
  • National Junior Basketball
  • National Youth Premier Lacrosse
  • US Youth Volleyball

As a Head Coach You Need to Win Games. And by winning games you win championships. But the only way you get there is by developing players and getting the most out of them. By training your youth team in a Resistance Wear weighted vest will you will definitely see results. You will definitely win more games. The best part, you can let your kids continue to be kids. No need to extend workouts or add intense weight lifting. Just let them practice in a youth weight vest and they'll forget they're working harder…and parents will remember why they hired you.

Resistance Wear is Committed to Youth Teams Committed to Winning

To back up that promise, we want to keep as many of your players in the game as possible. Purchase three or more weight vests and get your team discount.

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