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Weighted Vest for Military Training

Your job is to prepare soldiers who can protect and fight for the freedoms and liberties of our world. The best soldier is the one who prepares for every situation…mentally and physically. As research data about the human body and physical performance continues to evolve, there is no doubt that your physical training regimen in the military has changed in the past five years. Its likely to have even changed in the past year. With the more we know about the body and how to train it to drive peak performance and output, the more advanced today's modern soldier has become.

Training your soldiers in a weighted vest will drive definite and accelerated results.

As you prepare your soldiers for the physical fitness test (PFT), you're well aware that its not about how much weight one can lift. You often find its not the person who bench presses the most or does the most curls that excels physically. It's the one who performs (compound) functional movements over an extended period of time that excels. So training your soldiers in a weighted vest will drive definite and accelerated results. Performing basic core exercise such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and running will drive overall body strength and control. Using non-conventional training regimens, like TRX, appears to be more commonplace in the military than ever before. Simply by incorporating a weighted training vest into a program like TRX will drive 60% more results. A Resistance Wear weight vest will increase performance of your soldiers, no matter if your focus is getting them faster, stronger, more explosive or to improve their balance. Add in the interchangeability of the placement and amount of weights, you can alter workouts frequently, increasing the kind of muscle confusion that increases results.

Resistance Wear weighted training vests have been used by members in all branches of the military, including:

  • United States Army
  • Unites States Navy
  • United States Marine Corp
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States National Guard Reserve
  • Royal British Navy

Resistance Wear is Committed to Our Military

And to back up that promise, we want to help you effectively train as many soldiers as possible. Purchase three or more weight vests and get your military discount. Email us or call our customer service at 844-4-RESIST (844-473-7478) for more details and to get your military discount code.

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