Weighted Training Vests for High School Teams

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Weight Vests for High School Sports Teams

Coaching high school athletics can feel like a game of chance. In most cases you are not able to recruit athletes. And also in most cases, one season you have great talent and a year or two later your experiencing a serious drop off in talent.

You need to win games. You need to win championships. To do that, you need to turn your players into champions…and champions are made, not born.

One proven step towards transforming your team is training your players in a Resistance Wear weighted training vest. In situations where you have young, undeveloped athletes, you will see accelerated progress in their strength, speed, explosiveness and balance.

We train our wrestlers almost exclusively with weighted functional movement. This vest gives us so much versatility that we're constantly evolving our workouts.

Nick S., Head Wrestling Coach, OH

In your more developed players, training in a Resistance Wear weight vest becomes a case of extreme fine tuning. It will increase reaction time, body control (helping to minimize energy waste) and transference of energy during change of direction…all the little things that make all the difference between a win and a loss.

As a head coach you're probably short staffed and if you're an assistant coach you probably have way too many responsibilities and not enough time to do them. One thing you won't have to worry about is your decision to train your high school team in a Resistance Wear weight vest. It's a decision that will pay dividends the further the season plays out.

Resistance Wear is Committed to High School Teams Committed to Winning

And to back up that promise, we want to keep as many of your players in the game as possible. Purchase three or more weight vests and get your team discount. Email us or call our customer service at 844-4-RESIST (844-473-7478) for more details and to get your team discount code.

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