Weighted Training Vests for Gyms, Clubs & Studios

A Proven Product for Gyms, Clubs & Studios

Weight Vests for Fitness Clubs, Gyms & Yoga Studios

Looking to differentiate your gym, health club or yoga studio from your competitor down the street? Or how about adding a proven product that is guaranteed to help your customers get results? A weighted training vest from Resistance Wear has helped athletes, fitness junkies as well as the average person just trying to get a little healthier to their weight in check see their results faster. Resistance Wear weight vests are ideal for customers, patrons and members of:

  • Gyms
  • Health & Fitness Clubs
  • Yoga & Pilate Studios
  • Karate & Martial Arts Studios
  • Weight Loss Clinics
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Personal Trainers

With both men's and women's weight vests available that allow for easy and quick increase or decrease of weights, Resistance Wear weight vests provide your customers and members the flexibility to get the most out of their workout without having to change or alter their routines or programs you currently have them on. If you have personal trainers on staff, it's easy for them to incorporate the weight vest into their client's workouts. There's no extensive product education or learning curve - all they have to do is incorporate into their usual routines or workouts. Not to say they won't come up with a few new ideas, but they won't be giving anything up when working out clients in the vest. And if there is a need to get some new ideas on how to use the vest, just check out some of our workouts.

I've helped celebrities get hard core bodies and I've helped average Joes achieve more than they ever thought possible. This weight vest is the common denominator to all my client's fitness results.

Dave "Scooter" Honig, Professional Trainer/Personal Celebrity Trainer

Resistance Wear weighted training vests are durable and built for longevity and extreme training. They will take all that your customers can throw at them. The question is, can your customers handle the vest?

Here are a few clinics, gyms and studios around the country that are seeing their clients and members get great results from using Resistance Wear weight vests:

  • Activ PT
  • Athletes Edge
  • Atlanta Athletic Club
  • Belmont Athletic Club
  • Body Power Promotions
  • Downtown Athletic Club
  • Exercise and Leisure
  • Fitnessology
  • Gold Metal Sports
  • Injury Recovery Center
  • Presbyterian Hospital Health Club
  • Strength Training Inc.
  • World's Gym

Resistance Wear is Committed to Helping You Grow Your Business

We believe in helping all the gyms, health clubs, yoga studios and trainers out there truly committed to getting and keeping their customers and members healthy. And to back up that commitment, we want to help you get as many customers fit as possible by offering you our club discount. Purchase three or more weight vests and receive a club discount. Email us or call our customer service at 844-4-RESIST (844-473-7478) for more details and to get your club discount code.

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