Weighted Training Vests for Amateur Sports Teams

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Weight Vests for Amateur Teams

Winning isn't just for the pros. If you're still playing a sport but not getting paid for it, then you're probably a serious athlete…and as a serious athlete, you probably care about performance and winning. Resistance Wear is not only committed to keeping you in the game, but making sure when you get in the game, you perform. Be it a club sport or organized amateur team, if you're putting in the time to coach or play it, you should consider training in a Resistance Wear weight vest.

The results I got from training in my weight vest were unprecedented. I wouldn't have won Olympic gold without that vest!

Derrik Para, 2002 Olympic Speed Skating Gold Medalist

The improvements in strength, speed, explosiveness and balance will be quick and noticeable. A weight vest is ideal for incorporating into practices since the time amateur athletes can dedicate to strength training, cardio conditioning and skill practices is limited. By combining the weight vest with functional training, you can improve performance without adding more time in the weight room to an already limited schedule. Resistance Wear weighted training vests have been used by a number of amateur clubs and teams in various sports, including:

  • Soccer Clubs
  • Rugby Clubs
  • Semi-professional Football Teams
  • Adult Baseball Leagues
  • Women's Fast Pitch Softball Leagues
  • Adult Hockey Leagues
  • Tennis Clubs
  • Running Clubs

Resistance Wear is Committed to ALL Teams Committed to Winning

So if you're a coach or a player (or more than likely you're probably player-coach) we plan to back up that promise and keep as many of your players in the game as possible so you can win as much as possible. Purchase three or more weight vests and get your team discount. Email us or call our customer service at 844-4-RESIST (844-473-7478) for more details and to get your team discount code.

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