Weight Vest Training for Youth Sports

Incorporating a Weight Vest into your Youth Sports Training

Training for Youth Sports in a Weighted Vest

Youth sports are more competitive than ever. Long gone are the days of city rec. athletes, now giving way to travel teams and premier clubs. In such a highly competitive field, young athletes and their coaches are looking for that edge to help them perform at higher levels. For relatively younger (age 9-13) and underdeveloped athletes, a Resistance Wear weight vest can help increase strength and improve balance, body control and coordination while not injuring their developing frames. For an adolescent athlete who's a bit older (14+), training in a Resistance Wear vest will make them bigger, faster and stronger and help get that spot on the team, the starting role or that sought after scholarship.

Resistance Wear Weight Vest for Youth Sports

Any youth sports training program should begin with an athlete being able to control their own body weight. Once that is comfortable for them, adding a Resistance Wear vest will produce fast and noticeable. Additionally, there are many benefits to strength and resistance training for children and young athletes including stronger muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments, less fat, increased endurance, more muscle and a higher metabolism.

Universal benefits to your child or young athlete training in a Resistance Wear vest for competitive sports include:

  • Challenging young athletes daily with simple routines. Daily activities with the vest on will drive physical development and results.
  • Functional, non-restrictive body movement. No free weights or equipment required. The weight essentially becomes part of the body and works as the body moves.
  • Better balance and coordination through core training. Put on the vest and a simple exercise or movement begins to work the core.
  • More efficient and faster workouts. Increased resistance generates more fatigue faster so young athletes can get more done in less time - great for limitless youthful energy!

Safe training is they key when dealing with youth sports.  With many parents fearing injury or stunted growth from lifting free weights at too young of an age, allowing your child to train and exercise in a Resistance Wear weight vest is a safe and effective way to see physical development and improved body control. While wins and losses become more important as the athlete grows, fundamentals of working out, teamwork and persistence should be focused on early in development. Resistance training can be very useful for overweight children as there is no undo pressure on the body as there can be with weight training. Resistance Wear vests are designed with youth training in mind. You'll get the most out of any workout with Resistance Wear.

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