Weight Vest Training for Track & Field

Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Track & Field Training Program

Track & Field Training with a Resistance Wear Weight Vest

Track and field is a combined sport consisting of various athletic competitions. These activities are based around jumping, running and throwing. It is quite simply, a sport that completely compliments the Resistance Wear weight vest. Specific events include running (sprints, distance, hurdles), jumping (long jump, triple jump, high jump & vault), throwing (shot put, discus, javelin and hammer) and combinations. Track and field is a sport with a rich history that can be traced back to the ancient Olympic Games. With so many disciplines available to a track and field athletes, training regiments will vary depending on the chosen techniques. Resistance Wear can help your training regardless of discipline.

Track & Field Practicing with a Weighted Vest

When you compete in certain events, you'll be doing a lot of lifts and throws. This equates to power. Adding a Resistance Wear weight vest to your workout will help you to build lean muscle fast. You need to be able to bring your best from the start of the event to the latter rounds. This equates to endurance.  Just because you're not running doesn't mean you can focus on endurance during your training.

Weighted Training Vests for Track & Field Athletes

You'll certainly be pushing your body to the limit. Your aerobic training will be critical to allow you to perform at your best when you're tired. A track and field training program that utilizes a Resistance Wear weight vest can give you the edge you need to be that ultimate athlete.

Practice Track & Field Sports with a Resistance Vest

Core training (those that incorporate one or more large muscle groups) will form a large portion of your track and field training program. Squats, dead lifts, shoulder and bench presses should all be integrated into your training program. If you're looking to develop your power, you'll be adding in jerks, snatches and power cleans. Developing a balanced resistance training program will allow you to perform at optimum levels.

Additional benefits for track and field training in Resistance Wear weight vest include:

  • A complete workout. The physics of all exercises change when you add weight. Your warm up activities, jogging and jumping rope, will give you killer core workout.
  • Progressive results. You'll be taking it to extreme every time out. Challenge yourself every time!
  • A safe, but effective training approach. The Resistance Wear vest allows you to continue to perform your functional body movement. No injuries during training!
  • Increased overall strength. You can't get stronger without being tired. Muscle fatigue is your friend.

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