Weight Vest Training for Military Careers

Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Military Training

Military Training with a Resistance Wear Weight Vest

There are quite a few phrases that define military careers. "Always ready". "Integrity first". "Honor, Courage, Commitment". "This We'll Defend". Regardless of what arm of the military you serve in there is a common goal: protect your country. The freedom that we have in our country is safeguarded every single day by the men and women of the military. And while Hollywood has a very, well, "Hollywood" view of a military career, the reality of the situation is military personal need to be finely tuned athletes to do their jobs.

Whether you're getting ready for basic training or you're just looking for a better, more efficient way to stay in top condition, military training using a Resistance Wear weight vest can help get you prepared. After all, defending global freedom while trying to defend yourself is hard work!

Using a Weight Vest for Military Training

Exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, jogging, squats and sit-ups are instantly supercharged when you put on a Resistance Wear vest. These functional exercises, which can easily be done in the field at camp, build flexibility, strength and stamina to allow you to perform your military responsibilities better and faster.

Further, our weight vests also can simulate, not just in weight, but in weight distribution, the packs or armor a soldier would carry on the job, further enhancing functional job movements. The benefits to this type of training for the military are plentiful. Stronger muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments, less fat, increased endurance, more muscle and a higher metabolism.

Universal benefits of a Resistance Wear weight vest for all ranks within the military include:

  • Immediate results without changing your routine. The physics of any exercise change when you add weight.  You can keep doing your normal exercise routine and super-charge it with a vest!
  • Challenging yourself daily with simple routines. Jogging with the vest instantly turns a cardio workout into a core workout too!
  • More efficient and faster workouts. Get your workout done quicker. Increased resistance generates more fatigue faster so you can get more done in less time.
  • Preparing your body to carry body armor, bullet proof vests and weaponry. You'll be ready!

Keep in mind that you don't want to over train. As with any workout program, safe training is key. Military career training using the Resistance Wear vest is incredibly safe because you're utilizing functional body movement. Your body is designed to work that way... now you're just adding weight. Movement + Resistance = STRENGTH! Our vests are designed with military training in mind. You'll get the most out of any workout with Resistance Wear. And from all of us at Resistance Wear, thank you for your service!

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