Weight Vest Training for Hockey

Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Hockey Training Program

Resistance Vests for Hockey Players

Hockey is an incredibly challenging sport. And while you're trying to be The Great One or just enjoying a pick up game, your hockey training program must meet the demands of such a physically challenging sport. As with any sport where you must perform continuously with few breaks, resistance training will help your aerobic system. Elite hockey players must have a high anaerobic endurance and power. When dealing with a multi-sprint sport such as hockey you're going to build up lactic acid rather quickly. Hockey training using your Resistance Wear weight vest can help get you into prime condition when you hit the ice.

Strength. It's crucial to a hockey player. Your power will be used for acceleration, checks into the boards, quick changes of direction on the ice and a killer slap shot. Hockey training should naturally be more "hockey-centric". As such, you should be thinking about your endurance, strength and specifically your core strength. After all every swing you take, whether it's a pass or a shot, utilizes your core. A hockey training program that utilizes a Resistance Wear weighted training vest allows you to to focus on these areas simultaneously.

Weight Vest Training for Hockey Players

Weight vest training can make the difference the next time you hit the ice. Lactate tolerance training that utilizes the vest will help you to recover quicker from those typical bursts of speed and power you'll encounter. You'll build lactic acid quicker when using the vest, when you take it off you'll instantly be able to maintain a higher work rate for longer. Resistance Wear vests are designed with your hockey training regimen in mind. Hit your slap shot harder, skate faster and be a checking machine! You'll get the most out of your workout with Resistance Wear.

Benefits for hockey players using Resistance Wear weight vest  to train in include:

  • Increased upper body and core strength so you can skate faster and shoot harder.
  • Improved wrist and arm strength for more power and additional accuracy.
  • A supercharged core workout while working on other body parts - simply put on the vest and your triceps and biceps workout instantly begins working your core.

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