Weight Vest Training for Football

Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Football Training Program

Football Players - Training in a Resistance Vest

Football is a game of power and speed that needs to maintained over an extended period of time. The more power and speed you have…and the longer you can maintain it, the more you win. Resistance Wear weighted training vests have been proven to improve performance on the field at all levels, no matter if its youth football, high school football, college football or professional football.

I've seen significant results in my explosive training. The vest is the perfect training device for any football player, because you can simulate pad weight during your off season workout routine.

Bobby Hoying, Former NFL Quarterback

Football - Resistance Wear Weighted Vests

Regardless if you're a lineman or skill position player, our weight vest can help your game get to the next level. At the most basic level, training in the Resistance Wear vest will help you keep your body acclimated to the extra weight you must compensate for when wearing 8-10 pounds of equipment.

You'll also have to get used to resistance created from opponents hanging on you on during a game. Performing short duration explosive movements in repetition will create greater muscle memory and fast twitch muscle growth. The vest will help you get that 40-yard dash time down and your squat max up.

Additional benefits from training in Resistance Wear weight vest

For lineman and linebackers

With a lot of push/pull movement happening while in motion, the vest can help with maintaining balance and stability by strengthening the center of gravity

For skill positions

Explosiveness and acceleration are critical for most skill positions, including running backs, receivers, and defensive backs. Your movement is rarely only linear or unidirectional. Rotation, change of direction and compound or multi-directional movement are critical at the high speeds you'll be moving on the field. Training in the weight vest will increase your speed and explosiveness in all facets of your game…from making a cut, breaking on the ball or filling a hole.

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