Weight Vest Training for Boxing

Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Boxing Training Program

Boxing - Training in a Resistance Vest

Boxing. One of the oldest known sports, where two combatants engage in hand to hand combat. Training to be an elite boxer involves power, endurance, core strength and most of all explosiveness to deliver the knockout blow. A boxing training program that utilizes a weighted training vest allows you to focus on all of these skills.

Whether you are training the entire year for a  single fight, or you have multiple sparring sessions and fights throughout the year, weight vest training can make the difference. Resistance Wear vests are designed with your boxing training in mind.

A resistance training program for boxing that incorporates a Resistance Wear weight vest should aim to develop a balanced boxer. The program should focus on both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. In the ring, a boxer needs quick reaction time to counter or dodge a blow as well as explosive punching power.   In addition to the power and quickness a boxer needs to not forget about agility, reaction time, foot and hand speed. After all, the most powerful boxer in the world can't win a fight from his back.

Weighted Vest for Boxers

While boxing highlights often show the knockout punch, a fight is oftentimes won or lost on the "inside": the body blow. Being able to absorb a punch to the core is vitally important. Core training done in a weighted vest should make up a large part of your regiment. Assisted core exercises can give you the edge you need to take a punch and deliver a knockout.

Additional benefits for boxers using a Resistance Wear weight vest to train in include:

  • Increased control in the skills of punching and dodging by applying strength to functional movement during practice.
  • A supercharged core workout while working on other body parts. Put on the vest and your triceps and biceps workout instantly begins working your core.

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