Weight Vest Training for Baseball

Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Baseball Training Program

Resistance Vest Training for Baseball

Baseball is a sport that requires so many physical dimensions of an athlete. Jumping, running, throwing, twisting, bending, changing speed and direction are those dimensions baseball players are evaluated on. Good baseball players have one or two of them. But elite baseball players master all the physical aspects of the game. Training for baseball in a weighted vest can help these athletes reach a new height in performance.

Paying attention to the little things in your baseball training can add up to make a big difference in your performance and productivity. Even with a small increase in power, your game will improve in all areas. A Resistance Wear weight vest will not only help you reach that increase in power, but also in speed, agility and core strength.

Modern day baseball players are superior athletes. They are big, fast and strong. They are 5-tool players who can hit for average, hit for power, field, throw and run. To get to that point, a focused, baseball-specific training program that incorporates a weight vest can significantly increase bat speed, striking power, throwing velocity, speed and agility.

The key to effective baseball training is to focus on correct movement patterns. Done correctly, most standard exercises can be easily adopted into a baseball training program which can help to significantly reduce the chance of injury as well.

Weight vest training in baseball will improve power, speed, agility and core strength.

Core exercises done in a weighted vest should form the basis of a resistance training program. But when explosive power and strength endurance are more a priority, training for a specific baseball movement in a weight vest should incorporate more assistance exercises into your routine. Assistance exercises recruit smaller muscle groups and are usually single joint exercises. 

A resistance training program for baseball that includes a Resistance Wear weight vest will develop balance throughout the body even though baseball has an upper and lower body emphasis.

Additional benefits for baseball players training in Resistance Wear weight vest include:

  • By applying strength to movement while practicing, players will see accelerated control in the skills of hitting and running.
  • Catchers practicing in the vest will see improved pop times throwing to second base.
  • The up and down movement and lateral movement from fielding balls in the vest will strengthen core muscles and improve rotation, change of direction and compound or multi-directional movement.
  • Practicing base running in the weight vest will increase your speed and explosiveness and drive a higher base stealing percentage.

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