Weight Vest Therapy for Autism

Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Child's Autism Therapy

With the diagnosis of autism on the rise, parents struggle to find solutions to help their children (and themselves), not only cope with, but thrive in light of what can otherwise be a challenging condition. Today, promising research is happening on all fronts to combat this disorder with many promising solutions on the horizon. Resistance Wear has been able to support the fight against autism by treating symptoms with the use our weighted vests. Although originally designed for athletic training, we have found parents using our weight vests for autism and seeing positive results with their children.

Researchers are beginning to examine the connections between children with autism, ADD, ADHD and SID and the application of deep consistent pressure to the body to drive the unconscious sensory communication between joints, muscles and nerves. The result of this constant, encompassing pressure appears to be better concentration, calmness and control in the child. 

This connection has shed some light on the possible value of using a weighted vest to treat autism. In general, children with autism, who tend to demonstrate signs of distraction, lashing out, hyperactivity, and inability to focus for extended periods of time, have shown positive response to when using weighted vests or blankets.

The natural benefit of a weighted vest for treating autism over other solutions, like weighted blankets is that the weight vest provides 360-degree encompassing of the child's torso. The flexibility of the vest also allows for functional movement so that a child can freely move and play as they would without the vest. Additionally, the weights in the vest are completely adjustable, so weight can be added or removed or positioned in different areas of the vest. This comes in handy in the event a parent would want to gradually add weight to acclimate a child to the vest until the optimal weight is discovered.

Resistance Wear is committed to helping children and parents affected by autism. Our weighted vests can be used as an aid in sensory integration therapy to reduce stereotypical behaviors. After checking out our youth weight vests, we suggest consulting with a licensed therapist or medical professional to see if a Resistance Wear weight vest is a possible solution in your child's autism therapy.

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