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Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Weight Loss Program

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Do you need to lose a couple of pounds? Do you need to lose more than a couple? If that's you, you're certainly not alone. By some estimates over one-third of every U.S. adult is obese.  Obesity isn't just a cosmetic issue either. Obesity-related conditions are SERIOUS. They include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. All that, and we haven't even mentioned the high medical costs associated with obesity.

When you're overweight, your body needs to work harder to perform the functions that it was built to do. It has to work harder to deliver oxygen to your muscles and blood, to cooler your body and deliver fuel. Quite simply your weight cannot be ignored. So when it's time to kick your weight loss into high gear, a Resistance Wear weight vest can help you get the results you're looking for.

Lose Weight Using a Resistance Wear Vest

When we're talking about weight loss, one of the things we talk about is heart rate. You need to get that heart pumping and the blood flowing. All it takes to supercharge your workout is to do some sort resistance training 20 minutes 3 times a week.

Resistance training that utilizes a Resistance Wear weight vest is effective at burning fat and calories...the key to any weight loss program.

But don't forget about building muscle. We can help with that too! As stated earlier, you'll lose weight, get improved heart health, increase metabolism!

Additional benefits of training for weight loss using a Resistance Wear weight vest include:

  • A safe, but effective training approach. The Resistance Wear vest allows you to continue to perform your functional body movement. No injuries during training!
  • Greater efficiency of functional movement. Get your workout done FAST.
  • Muscle confusion. Keep doing your normal routine and super-charge it with the vest. The physics of any exercise change when you add weight.
  • An instant core workout while working on other body parts. Put on the vest and your triceps and biceps workout instantly begins working your core.
  • Naturally increased endurance by applying resistance to movement during your workout.

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