Training Goals

What Are You Training For?

What are you training for? To be the next point guard on the varsity team? Shed a few pounds to fit into that new two-piece for bikini season? To get that firefighter job you've been trying 18 months to get? Or maybe you just want to feel good and look better?

Whatever it is, a Resistance Wear weight vest will help you get there. See for yourself all the things you can train for in our weighted vests.

Sports Training in a Weight Vest - Football


We don't care if your training for the Olympics or you play rec league softball, we take every sport and every athlete's goal serious. If you put the time into playing a sport - no matter at what level - you should see the results on the field, track, court or ice. Resistance Wear weighted training vests are designed by an athlete for athletes. And any athlete, in any sport, who trains in one of our vests will perform at a level they never thought possible. Check out all the sports we're into.

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Fitness Training with a Weight Vest


No matter if you're a hard core fitness junkie or an average Joe (or Jane), integrating a Resistance Wear weighted training vest into your exercise routine will make a huge impact on your health and provide results you've never seen before. If you want to lose weight, get stronger, live healthier and be happier, think about adding a Resistance Wear weight vest to your fitness routine.

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Career Training with a Weight Vest


The best jobs aren't easy to get. Nor are they easy to keep. That's because they're highly competitive and physically demanding. There are only a few of them and only the best get them. If you're looking to get a job that requires you to be fit and physically prepared, you may want to consider training in a Resistance Wear weight vest. From firefighting to the military to forestry & logging, check out all careers Resistance Wear can help you train for.

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