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You may be asking "Does this vest really work?" "And if so, how does it work?" Well, the answer to the first question is simple…YES! But to understand how a Resistance Wear weight vest produces results for people of all walks of life, we'll need more than one word.

Even with daily activities, performing them in a vest will drive exponential results.

Resistance Wear weighted vests are designed so that the weights fit above your body's center point, slightly higher up on the chest. This means that every movement you make, your core muscles are firing and responding with more energy than normal to resist gravity pulling the weights (and your torso) in whatever direction you're leaning.

Because of this, your body is constantly working - using energy and burning calories - to maintain torso control. Even with daily activities, where you normally wouldn't feel cardio vascular or muscle fatigue, performing them in a vest will now drive exponential results and benefits. You will burn more calories and see the fat burn faster.

Tested & Proven

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To support this explanation, we used science to put our vests to the test. In a controlled laboratory experiment at The Ohio State University, test subjects performed a series of timed physical tests, twice - first with no weight vest and then a with a Resistance Wear weight vest. We could bore you with all of the scientific test data, but we think you are probably only interested in the bottom line.

The Bottom Line Is This

On average, test subjects burned up to 60% more calories when performing any activity with a Resistance Wear weight vest on than when they performed the same activity with no weight vest at all.


So to put it in perspective, based on this research, from relatively low impact house chores to the most strenuous exercises, you can burn up to 60% more calories in significantly less time - while also developing muscle strength/growth - by doing these activities in a Resistance Wear weight vest. The chart gives you a few examples comparing the calories you can burn wearing a vest vs. not wearing a vest for select activities. Now get your vest and get started burning some calories.

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