Sports Training FAQs

If you have a question about how a weight vest works or if its right for you, then there's probably a good chance a few other people have asked the same question. Below is a list of frequently asked questions - and more importantly, the answers - related to sports training with a weight vest. Our other FAQs might help you find what you are looking for. If not, ask our experts your question or contact us.

How will the weight vest improve my sports training?

Will it help me hit a baseball farther?

The weighted vest will help with all sports, including baseball. When we hit a baseball we utilize the hips and the core muscles to swing the bat. The vest will engage the core in every exercise you will perform. This, in turn, will help you hit a baseball further.

Will your vest improve my 40 time?

For this question we have to put on our physics hats. There are two basic concepts we need to understand in order to answer this question. First off we need to understand what acceleration is. This is the change in an objects velocity over time. Second, we need to understand what momentum is. Momentum is defined as a mass times a velocity.

Simplifying the math, acceleration is the time rate of change of momentum. If we remove the weight we have decreased the mass, the acceleration will have to increase and the momentum has decreased, making acceleration much quicker. The best way to look at this is to take a lineman (350 pounds and a running back, 220 pounds). The speed of the running back is much quicker because he has less momentum to get started, hence, a faster acceleration.

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