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Clothes that burn calories: Really?!

CBS: The Early Show - Janet Lee, of Shape Magazine, gives her take on Resistance Wear vests and supports their worth in workouts of varying intensity.

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Aerobics classes add another dimension with weighted vests

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Weighted vests provided by Resistance Wear provide the added training boost to a normal aerobics routine at the Downtown Athletic Club.

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Sprinting With a Weighted Vest (for woman)

The Nest - If you want to work on your sprinting agility and speed, consider sprinting while wearing a weighted vest.

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Military Muscle: Weight vest amps up simple exercises on the cheap

Military - This week, Military Muscle columnist Bob Thomas wrote about vests. Are they worth their weight?

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Weight vest are great tools. However you must be smart about utilizing them.

U.S. Navy SEAL + SWCC Training Forum - Read and comment on posts regarding weight vest training from the official U.S. Navy SEAL + SWCC Training Forum of the United States Government.

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The beauty of the weight vest

PFT Achieve - Blog dedicated to training for the Physical Fitness Test for military and federal success discusses the benefit of incorporating a weight vest into PFT training.

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Dear weight vest, I hate you. Sincerely, Jonathan

Arena Fitness Training Center - Fitness expert and owner of California training and fitness facility describes his experience training in a weight vest.

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Weight vest amps up simple exercises cheaply

Marine Corps Times - Author reviews fitness equipment that's inexpensive, simple to use, portable, allows for a wide range of applications and allows you to maintain a fitness level commensurate with your age and goals. In this article, he reviews the weight vest.

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Should you wear your weight vest grocery shopping?

Breaking Muscle - It's not much of a question whether or not the vest makes a workout more challenging, but you may find yourself wondering if there is any added benefit to casually wear it throughout the day. To help answer this, a recent study investigated if wearing a weighted vest during daily activities excluding sporting activities improved neuromuscular performance.

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Working out in a weight vest: weight vest benefits, where to start and how to track your progress

Firefighter Nation - Any firefighter who's done simulated fire department work, such as sledgehammer hits or hose pulls, while wearing turnouts and SCBA, and then did the same work without wearing them, knows there's a striking difference between the two. See what happens when you add a weight vest to your training.

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Autism and the weighted vest

Lost and Tired - Blog author shares his real life stories related to autism and discusses weight vests as one means of autism therapy.

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Pushups with weighted vest vs. bench press

Healthy Living - Performing bench presses on a regular basis can lead to muscle imbalances and damage to the soft tissue that surrounds the joint. Most lifters don't use correct technique, which often leads to shoulder issues later down the line. The author discusses the alternative of weighted vest pushups and its benefits.

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Make your workouts intense with a weight vest

Fitness Wayne - Unfortunately as we get stronger and/or lose fat, bodyweight workouts cease to be a challenge and no longer help us to put on additional muscle, only improve muscle endurance and blood flow. Luckily there is an easy solution to this problem, your workouts will become challenging and intense again with a weight vest.

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Old man and the Stars: Jaromir Jagr embraces leading role in Dallas

Yahoo! Sports - Jaromir Jagr's postgame routine includes a weighted vest and media scrums.

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Weighted Vest and Challenging Behaviors

Your Therapy Source - Developmental Neurorehabilitation published a single case study that analyzed the effects of a weighted vest on the aggressive and self-injurious behavior of a young boy with autism. An ABAB design was used where the boy wore a 5 pound weighted vest or no vest.

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Planche/fl/bl/sl Training: Ankle Weights Vs. Weighted Vest Vs. Resistance Bands

Gymnastic Bodies - I know that they each serve a different purpose, but which of these three piece of equipment is more superior to planche training - ankle weights or weighted vest or resistance bands?

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