Men's Weight Vests

Which Men's Weight Vest Should I Choose?

Resistance Vests for Men

Our men's weight vests are designed with ruggedness and results in mind. Beat it up as best you can and it will keep coming back for more. Can you say the same?

Depending on your size and your goal, we have the right vest for you. If you want to keep it moderately light and focus on running, plyometrics and a wide range of body weight exercises, the LiftMax 40 is probably the one for you. If you want to go heavy and work the big muscle groups, try our LiftMax 60 or LiftMax 90.

LiftMax 40

LiftMax 40 Weighted Vest at Resistance Wear

If you're looking for both a great cardio and anaerobic workout, the LiftMax 40 can go as light as 2.5 lbs. or max out at 40 lbs. Made for men under 6' 2" tall and under 210 lbs., this versatile vest will do the job.

LiftMax 60 Weight Training Vest

LiftMax 60

If you're a bit bigger (over 6' 2" tall or up to 350 lbs.) and looking for a vest you can go heavy on, the LiftMax 60 may be a good choice. Although you can go as light as 2.5 lbs., the LiftMax 60 will max out at 60 lbs. A perfect vest for someone with some strength and experience looking to do "real" push-ups.

LiftMax 90

LiftMax 90 Weight Vest for Men

If you think you're a beast, then the LiftMax 90 is the vest for you. Made for men over 6' 2" tall or up to 350 lbs., this vest accommodates four extra pockets to really max out the weight. Able to hold a total of 90 lbs., this vest is not for amateurs. Great for big muscle training, the vest has reinforced D-rings on both the front and back of the vest to allow for resistance and support straps for assisting and spotting on heavy lifts and exercises.

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