Ask the Expert - Matt Dean

Matt Dean, BS, BSN, RN, CPT-AFAA

Reistance Wear Expert Matt Dean

With degrees in biology and nursing, Matt Dean really knows the science of the body and how it works. He also knows how to put that knowledge to work in the gym. Working as a personal trainer for the past 9 years has allowed Matt to put together his understanding of how the body works with some innovative and creative exercise approaches. Every client gets the workout that works best...specifically for him or her.

No matter if the goal is strength gain or weight loss, Matt's philosophy is to always take a client-centric, holistic approach. This guy is high energy and he'll motivate you to find a gear you never knew you had. Every workout builds off of the one before. Matt won't ask you to do anything he can't do...or hasn't done himself. That's why we asked him to be part of the Resistance Wear team - he won't recommend a product or exercise without trying and proving it works first himself. He loves working out in our vest. And if you've ever seen shows!

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