Injury Rehabilitation with a Weight Vest

Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Injury Rehabilitation Program

Injury Rehab with a Resistance Wear Weight Vest

Many sports injuries that need attention have warning signs and symptoms. Let's face it... injuries happen. Unfortunately, the human body will sometimes break down. While some sports injuries are often obvious, and occur in a dramatic fashion, others can creep up slowly and get progressively worse. These often turn into nagging chronic aches and pains. Luckily, our bodies are made to be used and have an incredible ability to rebound and rebuild from even the most devastating injuries.  

Wearing a Weight Vest for Injury Rehabilitation

When an injury occurs, it is important to keep your muscles active around the injury. This allows for the proper flexibility and circulation that will let your body get back to peak performance. An injury rehab program that utilizes a Resistance Wear weight vest can get you back onto the court, field or game fast!

Following an injury, a rehabilitation program is vital to ensure that you heal properly. Naturally, what exercises you do will depend on your injury so check with your doctor before entering into any sort of rehab program. In addition to helping the injured area, a program that includes a Resistance Wear weight vest will allow you to keep your other non-injured body parts in good condition.

Additional benefits of injury rehabilitation using a Resistance Wear weight vest include:

  • A safe, but effective training approach. The Resistance Wear vest allows you to continue to perform your functional body movement. No injuries during training!
  • An instant core workout while working on other body parts. If it's not your core that you injured, then simply put on the vest to make your triceps and biceps workout a core workout as well!
  • Naturally increased endurance. This will help to build those non-injured body parts.
  • Muscle confusion. Keep doing your normal routine and super-charge it with the vest. The physics of any exercise change when you add weight.
  • Progressive results. Challenge yourself every time!

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