Fitness & Exercise FAQs

If you have a question about how a weight vest works or if its right for you, then there's probably a good chance a few other people have asked the same question. Below is a list of frequently asked questions - and more importantly, the answers - related to exercising with a weight vest. Our other FAQs might help you find what you are looking for. If not, ask our experts your question or contact us.

Common questions about using a weight vest for fitness, exercise & weight loss

I’m overweight, can and should I use a weight vest to start losing weight?

Yes, using a weighted vest is beneficial in helping you lose the weight. The perfect analogy I use with my clients is your body is like a furnace. When you use weight or resistance in your training program, you are slowly adding lean muscle tissue to balance the strain on the body. This lean muscle tissue will continually burn calories all day long (anywhere from 10 kcal to 50 kcal per pound of lean tissue). This is ideal for anyone who is overweight. Start adding lean muscle tissue (weight training with the vest) to your body and watch the fat melt off your frame.

Can I use it with my P90X program?

This would be a great addition to the P90X program. They preach about core strength and stamina. The vest will benefit all areas and avenues of fitness in this program. In fact, this vest should be a staple addition to the P90X program because it is so versatile and easy to adjust the weight for any individual.

Is your weight vest too heavy to do yoga in?

Not at all. The weighted vest has an easy method for changing weights; it's like opening your wallet and taking out a credit card. The vest can be adjusted to any resistance you prefer. This allows you to use the vest at any time, even during yoga.

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