Extreme Cross Training in a Weight Vest

Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Extreme Cross Training Program

Extreme Cross Training in a Resistance Wear Weight Vest

Extreme cross training (also known as circuit training) refers to the practice of training in one sport or discipline with the goal being your overall performance. It allows you to take advantage of the advantages that are specific to some training programs. Often times, one activity will work a certain muscle (or muscle group) but not others. Cross training eliminates this problem and gets you closer to the concept of functional training. And when you incorporate a Resistance Wear weight vest into your routine, you're going to take cross training to the EXTREME!

Regardless of what extreme competition you may be training for; CrossFit, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash or any other obstacle race...a properly-designed cross training program will help to correct the imbalances that occur in any activity. This is especially important for athletes who play highly repetitious sports. It can also be one of the best types of training for improving strength endurance for all sports.

Weight  Vests for Cross Training

Even if you're not quite at that "elite athlete" status, extreme cross training is perfect for your general fitness goals. Don't let the word "extreme" scare you. You can develop a program that will be appropriate for a wide variety of fitness levels. As you'll be utilizing a variety of different movements, it's a great time saver and it can be a nice change from some of the more monotonous  exercises.

Additional benefits of extreme cross training using a Resistance Wear weight vest include:

Wear a Weight Vest & Improve Cross Training Results
  • Naturally increased endurance by applying strength to movement during your workouts.
  • A safe, but effective training approach. The Resistance Wear vest allows you to continue to perform your functional body movement. No injuries during training!
  • An instant core workout while working on other body parts. Put on the vest and your triceps and biceps workout instantly begins working your core.
  • Muscle confusion. Keep doing your normal routine and super-charge it with the vest. The physics of any exercise change when you add weight.
  • Progressive results. You'll be taking it to extreme every time out. Challenge yourself every time!

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