Ask the Expert - Ed Ash


Ed Ash - Ask the Expert at Resistance Wear

Ed Ash, one of our Resistance Wear Experts, knows a thing or two about getting a body in peak physical condition.

A former collegiate football player and power lifter, Ed spent his early years training (like a beast) for competitive sports. After earning a master's degree in Physical Therapy from Columbia University, Ed traveled the world studying all aspects of the human body.

If anyone knows how to develop, train and rehab an athlete, it's Ed. He's pretty smart too.

Ed served as consultant to design the rehabilitation protocols for the Cybex TrazerĀ®, a sports simulation and virtual rehabilitation technology. He teaches, writes and serves as an assistant faculty member for the International Association of Orthopedic Medicine based in Tucson, AZ., too.

When he's not getting his work published or speaking at conferences, Ed is working with elite athletes and everyday folks alike at ACTIV PT, his sport and injury rehabilitation clinic in Ohio.

This guy knows his stuff. So hit him up with any question you might have about training in a Resistance Wear weight vest so we can get you moving in the right direction towards reaching that goal. Ask Ed your question now!

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