Career Training with a Weight Vest

A Weight Vest Designed for the Ultimate Functional Training

Resistance Wear Weight Vests for Career Training

To get some jobs, you can't just show up and fill out an application. Instead, you have to be smart, talented and prove you can handle the physical demands of the job. Not everyone wants to be a pencil pusher, and not just anyone has what it takes to work with their hands.

Resistance Wear Vests for Functional Training

For those of you either competing to get the job or looking to improve on the job, try training in a Resistance Wear weight vest for careers. From firefighter to logger to soldier to stunt man - training for and honing your craft in a Resistance Wear weight vest will give you the leg up on others competing with you for the job or give you that little something extra to perform better on the job.

By incorporating functional movements - movements similar to what you would normally do on the job - into your training routine you can improve strength, endurance, cardiovascular capacity and lower weight and body fat levels.

If you're training for a specific career, chances are we can help you prepare for the physical demands of the job. Check out some of the specific careers that others have had success training for in a Resistance Wear weight vest. Then get to work, get the job, and get paid!

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