Biking in a Weight Vest

Biking for Fitness

Using a Weight Vest While Biking

Riding a bike. As they say, once you learn how you'll never forget. Biking for fitness is a great low impact way to get your exercise and enjoy the outside. It can be a high impact workout depending on your fitness goals and level of experience. So once you determine what it is you want to achieve, your fitness regimen should support your chosen goal.

For those athletes who train to be elite cyclists, their workouts concentrate on aerobic and anaerobic power, endurance, core strength and most of all lower body strength. However, if you're looking for something a little less intense, biking for fitness and exercise still can provide a great alternative to attaining the same benefits of elite cyclists. A biking fitness program that utilizes a weighted training vest allows you to supercharge your workout while you ride, helping you to achieve accelerated calorie burn and weight loss along with an increase in strength and cardio conditioning.

Incorporating a Weight Vest into Your Biking Exercise Program

Weight Vests & Riding a Bicycle

Whether you are training for road racing, taking the kids for a spin around the neighborhood, hard core trail riding on your mountain bike or just trying to lose a couple of extra pounds, weight vest training can make the difference. Resistance Wear vests are designed with your biking fitness needs in mind. Working through a long hill climb or making sure you've got enough left in your tank to chase your 5 year old around the block - You'll get the most out of your workout with Resistance Wear.

A resistance training program for biking that incorporates a Resistance Wear weight vest should aim to develop a balanced rider. The program should focus on both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.  On the bike, you'd like to improve your peak power and build up your lactate threshold to be able to push through on those tough rides. And here's the beauty.... the vest will do that for you while you take in the scenery!

Additional benefits of biking using a Resistance Wear weight vest  to exercise include:

  • Naturally increased endurance by applying strength to movement during rides.
  • Increased anaerobic power for hills and also when you need to go a little faster.
  • An instant core workout while working on other body parts. Put on the vest and your triceps and biceps workout instantly begins working your core.

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