About Resistance Wear

The History Behind Resistance Wear

Although our focus is about you, you may want to know more about us. If you're looking for what the media has published or aired on Resistance Wear or our weighted training vests for fitness or training, check out this news. If you're looking for a specific answer to a question, see what our resident health and fitness experts have to say. If you just want to know who we are, why we got started and how we revolutionized fitness and training, check out the Resistance Wear company history below.

How It Started

In 1991, Pat Ott's college football career was sidelined with a shoulder injury. After surgery, the tailback's rehab regimen was pretty limited. Without being able to bench press, Ott resorted to push ups. After easily getting up to 50 rep sets, he added a 45-pound plate to his back to add some resistance. And when that got easy, he added another. Then the epiphany hit him! When those plates were sitting up high between the shoulder blades, the reps were intense and the rehab productive. But a few reps into the set, those plates would slide down to the lower back and all resistance (and results) disappeared.

From there it started with an idea, and then a sketch, and then a friend's mom sewing the first prototype. And that led to the birth of the first weighted training vest and the beginning of Resistance Wear. Ott next found himself at the Buffalo Bills training facility explaining how "this weight vest thing" works to their strength coach and shortly thereafter sold the first Resistance Wear weighted vest. Since then Resistance Wear weight vests have been used by professional sports teams, Olympic athletes, celebrities and fitness junkies all over the world.

Our Philosophy

After Pat's shoulder injury, his priority was to get back in the game faster. And when Pat started Resistance Wear, that mission never changed… to keep people fit, focused and in the game. He often jokes that other fitness gear companies "can dress you up, but we're the only one that will keep you in the game." Resistance Wear is an organization committed to helping people get fit from the core, out. We innovate exercise, so you can reinvent yourself. Because when you resist the urge to quit, and you persist, you prevail.

The World's Original Weight Vest