<h1>Resistance Wear <b><a href="http://www.resistancewear.com">Weight Vests</a></b> are the perfect addition to any exercise program. </h1> <p>It's like owning your own custom fit "personal gym". Used for both conditioning and strength programs, the weight vest adds resistance to any exercise routine. From aerobics, running, jumping rope, to push-ups, lunges, sit-ups and squats - the <a href="http://www.resistancewear.com"><b>weight vest</b></a> is the product of choice for professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, Major League Soccer, International Rugby Union, and The Professional Boxing Association. Check out what the Pittsburgh Post Gazette had to say about our the <a href="http://www.resistancewear.com"><b>Resistance Wear</b></a> Training weight vest worn during aerobics classes. The Core Fitness Training <a href="http://www.resistancewear.com/weightvests.html"><b>weighted vest</b></a> concentrates weight to the upper body and chest area, allowing your abdominal muscle groups to work harder and burn more calories. The accompanying weights can be used separately for hand and arm strengthening routines, as well as other aerobic and anaerobic exercises. One of the best ways to utilize our products is with your current exercise routine. As we said before whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational user just trying to keep off added pounds - you can benefit from the Core Fitness Training <a href="http://www.resistancewear.com/weightvests.html"><b>weight vest</b></a>. Listed below are several exercise routines that will give you the best results. Pushups are an obvious choice for the vest. In fact, the inventor of the product came up with the idea for the weighted vests when he was injured during football season and needed a way to enhance his workouts. This is the exercise that helped to create the weight vest. The Core Fitness Training <a href="http://www.resistancewear.com"><b>weighted vest</b></a> concentrates additional weight on key core muscle areas, allowing for a more complete total body workout. Whether your workout regiment includes free weights, stationary machines or cardio-vascular workout machines, the Core Fitness Training <a href="http://www.resistancewear.com/weightvests.html"><b>weight vest</b></a> flexibility is ideal for athletes coming off an injury, just starting out, or looking to intensify and improve their current exercise routine. The Resistancewear <a href="http://www.resistancewear.com/"> <b>weight vest</b></a> allows athletes to add weight to their practice routines while simulating actual game situations. By concentrating the weight throughout the shoulders and chest, athletes can strengthen key muscle groups while increasing endurance, speed and agility at the same time. Professional and amateur athletes, both on the field and on the ice, having already added the Core Fitness Training <b>weight vest</b> to their workout and practice sessions. </p> <h1>Our product may be know within the exercise world as <b>weight vests, weighted vests</b>,<b>weight vest, weighted vest</b>, workout vests, weight loss vests, weight training vests, fitness vests, training vests, aerobic training vests, aerobic exercise vest, conditioning vests, strength building vests. </h1> <h1>Weight vest - weight vests - weighted vest - weighted vests
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